Kelli Connell

Kelli Connell is a great artist that uses pictures to pose the question of gender roles. She uses one model to create a “couple.” She then puts them in multiple situations that a couple goes through, whether it be lounging in chairs or folding sheets together. Connell creates these works through adobe photoshop. These pictures not only represent gender roles, but also the struggle between the rational and irrational self. Connell states, “The importance of these images lies in the representation of interior dilemmas portrayed as an external object – a photograph.”

When I first looked at Kelli Connell’s work I didn’t really understand the point. But after reading about them and how they were meant to be interpreted, it opened my eyes. It puts a visualization to the struggles a person can go through on the inside. Put into the perspective of a relationship, and the ups and downs are shown. It’s truly a perfect example of art because after you’re done looking at it, you’re still thinking and questioning things.





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yello spices


Kenny Floyd


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Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel is an artist that truly takes a digital approach and makes it his own. Well known for his hacks on Nintendo cartridges, but he also creates art through other mediums. Arcangel has made pieces through drawing, video, music, and performance art. His work draws in themes from pop culture and video games, then is mixed with appropriation. Arcangel has a page on soundcloud in which he has posted “Dances For The Electric Piano.” Its an interesting yet equally intriguing sound.

After looking through all of Cory’s work, I have to say I enjoyed his hacks on the Nintendo cartidges the most. Personally I greatly enjoyed playing the Nintendo 64 and how he modified them just fascinates me. The best one of them was “I Shot Andy Warhol.” A game where you use the NES Zapper and play a hacked version of a shooter game. In it you aim to shoot multiple different versions of Andy Warhol and avoid shooting Flavor Flav, Colonel Sanders, and the Pope. It’s a great pop culture twist on a classic NES game.






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Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik is known as the father of video art as he pioneered the way of digital art. He worked with TV screens a lot and it is also featured in one of his pieces, “TV magnet.” He also used neon lights in some of his work, shown below in his piece, “Electronic Superhighway.” His work revolutionized the way the art world and how the digital approach was taken.

I enjoyed looking at Nam June Paik’s work as its quite different from what I’m used to seeing when I see art. Instead of the paintings and sculptures, I see creations of lights, videos, and pictures. I was captivated by “Electronic Superhighway” and how the neon lights outlined multiple TV screens. I was also quite interested in the “TV magnet” piece. Both are quite unique in its own way. Nam June Paik has truly reinvented how I look at art.


electronic superhighway

“Electronic Superhighway”



“TV Magnet”

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The One Tool Challenge

yellowstone PS

I edited this picture of the sunset over yellowstone using just the history brush tool.


sharp wolf

I edited this picture of a wolf using just the sharpening tool.

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My First Post

  1. I define digital art as any form of creativity being made through a computer. Whether it be in code or through colors. The computer itself is an art form.
  2. Digital art is quite unique due to the point that a computer can literally make art move. It can turn a still painting into something that moves or you can create something completely on your own. Digital art is a wonderful tool in the creative world of the arts.
  3. Antlers_WiFi_2011_5_13This wonderful GIF shows how digital art can be introduced into other kinds of art. This artist’s goal was to incorporate real-life landscapes and digital web geometry. I chose this piece because I love the outdoors.

8b8f1561 This GIF to me represents the transformation of a person. Whether it be through maturing from a traumatic experience or just from growing up. I chose this because as humans we are always maturing and growing from our previous selves.

200_s This picture shows many things. It shows how a child’s creativity is limitless. I chose this picture because it represents how we must nurture and help build the creativity in children.

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