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Pipilotti Rist

Posted by on July 13, 2016

Pipplioti Rist is a Swiss visual artist. She work primarily with video, film, and moving images. Rist makes videos using super 8 film. Her works are focused on gender, sexuality, and the human body. Rist is also known in the feminist movement due to her works and how they relate to gender equality. One of her works, “Ever is all over,” was referenced by BeyoncĂ© in one of her songs from her album Lemonade.

Rist has many interesting works but I was particularly fascinated by her video “Ever is all over.” In this video a girl is walking down the street smashing car windows with a hammer shaped as a flower and at one point she is greeted by a police officer. It was captivating to watch. Rist’s work was both interesting and captivating and I greatly enjoyed researching her work.


ever is all over


pipilotti rist

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