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Christian Marclay

Posted by on July 7, 2016

Christian Marclay is an artist of many kinds. He works through mediums such as music, video, and digital art. He has created multiple works of art that have been showcased all around the world. His work with music contained using records in unconventional ways. He uses sounds of unpleasant noises, such as a guitar being dragged on the ground or a record breaking, and turns it into music. He also made pictures from record covers. These works of art take multiple record covers and it turns it into a single image. In one he took a cover of Michael Jackson and added it to a cover of legs to it.


Marclay’s work on music was quite interesting but I did not enjoy it very much. While some of the work he did to produce the end product by damaging the record was impressive, I still didn’t enjoy the end product. His work with the record covers was fantastic though. I greatly enjoyed how he combined the different covers to make one complete picture. These works of art are both hilarious are intriguing.





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