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Kelli Connell

Posted by on July 6, 2016

Kelli Connell is a great artist that uses pictures to pose the question of gender roles. She uses one model to create a “couple.” She then puts them in multiple situations that a couple goes through, whether it be lounging in chairs or folding sheets together. Connell creates these works through adobe photoshop. These pictures not only represent gender roles, but also the struggle between the rational and irrational self. Connell states, “The importance of these images lies in the representation of interior dilemmas portrayed as an external object – a photograph.”

When I first looked at Kelli Connell’s work I didn’t really understand the point. But after reading about them and how they were meant to be interpreted, it opened my eyes. It puts a visualization to the struggles a person can go through on the inside. Put into the perspective of a relationship, and the ups and downs are shown. It’s truly a perfect example of art because after you’re done looking at it, you’re still thinking and questioning things.





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