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Nam June Paik

Posted by on June 27, 2016

Nam June Paik is known as the father of video art as he pioneered the way of digital art. He worked with TV screens a lot and it is also featured in one of his pieces, “TV magnet.” He also used neon lights in some of his work, shown below in his piece, “Electronic Superhighway.” His work revolutionized the way the art world and how the digital approach was taken.

I enjoyed looking at Nam June Paik’s work as its quite different from what I’m used to seeing when I see art. Instead of the paintings and sculptures, I see creations of lights, videos, and pictures. I was captivated by “Electronic Superhighway” and how the neon lights outlined multiple TV screens. I was also quite interested in the “TV magnet” piece. Both are quite unique in its own way. Nam June Paik has truly reinvented how I look at art.


electronic superhighway

“Electronic Superhighway”



“TV Magnet”

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