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My First Post

Posted by on June 20, 2016
  1. I define digital art as any form of creativity being made through a computer. Whether it be in code or through colors. The computer itself is an art form.
  2. Digital art is quite unique due to the point that a computer can literally make art move. It can turn a still painting into something that moves or you can create something completely on your own. Digital art is a wonderful tool in the creative world of the arts.
  3. Antlers_WiFi_2011_5_13This wonderful GIF shows how digital art can be introduced into other kinds of art. This artist’s goal was to incorporate real-life landscapes and digital web geometry. I chose this piece because I love the outdoors.

8b8f1561 This GIF to me represents the transformation of a person. Whether it be through maturing from a traumatic experience or just from growing up. I chose this because as humans we are always maturing and growing from our previous selves.

200_s┬áThis picture shows many things. It shows how a child’s creativity is limitless. I chose this picture because it represents how we must nurture and help build the creativity in children.

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